1. Acceleration of A/B/n Testing Under Time-Varying Signals, J. Jin, L. Pekelis, Presented at MIT CODE 2018 (Conference Website, Optimizely blog post, Medium blog post, Technical writeup)

UNC-Chapel Hill:

  1. Change point detection in network models: Preferential attachment and long range dependence, S. Bhamidi, J. Jin, A. Nobel, Accepted to Annals of Applied Probability (arXiv)

Congressional Budget Office:

  1. Compensation of Federal and Private-Sector Employees (2012, link)
  2. Reducing the Deficit: Spending and Revenue Options (2011, link)
    1. Eliminate Subsidized Loans to Graduate Students (Mand. Option 10)*
    2. Change the Interest Rate Structure for Student Loans (Mand. Option 11)
    3. Restrict Pell Grants to the Neediest Students (Disc. Option 28)
    4. Eliminate Funding for National Community Service Programs (Disc. Option 29)
    5. Increase Payments by Tenants in Federally Assisted Housing (Disc. Option 34)
  3. Various Private-Sector Mandate Estimates (link)
  4. Migrants' Remittances and Related Economic Flows (2011, link)

* I did not come up with these budget options myself; they were just assigned to me. The irony in some of them is obvious.