"If you find yourself thinking 'But that's how the game is played,' slap yourself. If that doesn't work, take up sheep farming." -David Romer


I'm a data scientist at Stripe. Previously I was in charge of statistics at Optimizely, an A/B testing platform where we specialized in sequential testing.

I studied statistics at UNC-Chapel Hill under Shankar Bhamidi and Andrew Nobel. Basically, I did probability and networks (here's my thesis). Before that, I graduated from Swarthmore College and worked for two years at the CBO in Washington, DC.


gmail: 25 9 3 8 9 [dot] 10 9 14 (use the obvious substitution cipher)


When I taught intro statistics in grad school I used a lot of examples involving Chipotle burritos. During my last semester, a couple of students brought me a burrito bowl on the last day of class. Yes, you can definitely reject the null hypothesis! Photo evidence:

Finally: I follow the Seattle Mariners religiously and I have a cat.